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Hey Folks -

For those who haven't heard the buzz, Eureka got picked up for a 4th season of 22 eps.  They got Mark Stern to make the announcement at the Eureka panel at Comic Con while they had Colin Ferguson on the phone. (He's in Bulgaira filiming another Skiffy "original movie" - Lake Placid 3. :-p)  Talk about the room going nuts with cheers - it was quite deafening from the one audio clip I heard. :)

Anyway, Skiffy has gotten the panel video uploaded and so, here it is for your viewing pleasure:


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Straight from VisitEureka.net  -

Breaking News: 21 Episodes Ordered
by Ian Mullen  |  Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 02:46 CT

A source on the production of Eureka has confirmed exclusively to VisitEureka.net that SCI FI Channel have upped their order from 13 to 21 episodes. Details are brief, however. SCI FI Channel are said to be planning on splitting these episodes into "two seasons of 8 and 13".

This could mean that the 21 episodes will be broadcast in the style of Psych and Monk on USA Network - a handful in the Summer, and then the rest in January, with a new season starting in the Summer of the same year. The alternative is that SCI FI has effectively ordered a fourth season, with 13 episodes airing Summer 2008 and 8 airing Summer 2009 (or vice versa).

This is not confirmed, however. We can only confirm that SCI FI have ordered 21 episodes - when they'll air is still unknown. We'll update you as soon as we know more!

To which I say - Yippee!!!
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On Tuesday, 10/2/2007, Sci-Fi channel is marathonning all of season 2. The marathon starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs all day, leading up to the season finale.

If you missed any episodes, don't forget to set your DVR!
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We get 13 more episodes, airing Summer 2007!

According to the article Eureka is SCI FI's highest-rated, most-watched series of 2006, bringing in more than 5 million new viewers to the Channel through last week's episode.

This is excellent!

For the spoiler conscious - this article contains no spoilers about next season. It does list the current cast - but it does not say if anyone is leaving, or anyone new is being added.


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