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Name:Eureka Haven
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Welcome to Eureka Haven

This is a community for Gen and Het fan fiction, recs, artwork, vids, and icons related to Eureka. Episode discussion is also welcome, but we request that you please check to see if there is already a post for discussion before creating a new one.

Slash is not allowed. (For slash, see eureka_slash.) Stories that have not been spell-checked, do not have punctuation, or fail to use paragraph breaks are not appreciated. BDSM/S&M and rape fic are strongly discouraged. Despite our appreciation of tact, if you squick our members or irritate them by not even trying to apply what you learned in elementary school grammar, they reserve the right to mock you.

Eureka Haven is a peaceful place, so we ask that you help keep it that way. Please feel free to offer constructive criticism, but do so tactfully. (Except where the above guidelines have been violated. Then have at it!) The moderators reserve the right to delete any potentially wank-inducing posts without warning.

All the standard rules apply. Please use cuts, please label with some sort of rating, etc. etc. Our preferred format is as follows:

Subject Line: Please include pairing or gen and rating
Rating: All, Teen, or Adult will suffice, or any approximation thereof.
Warnings: Please warn if the fic is dark, there is death, or other known squicks. -- Use your common sense and err on the side of being over inclusive.

Spoiler Policy Since Eureka is airing in the US, and will probably move to other parts of the world, references to all episodes from the current season must have labels, and all spoilers must be behind cuts. In addition, please put all spoilers (including casting) for future episodes under a clearly labeled cut.

Please tag your entries. Tags are available for nearly every conceivable type of post.

Thanks and enjoy!

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bluejello_haven - for Sam/Jack shippers
ncis_haven - for NCIS fanworks and discussion



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